Meeting point and going up

Usually, the meeting point is at the landing place or at the bottom of the cable car. You have to be prepared with proper clothes for a mountain activity (mountain boots, proper jacket and eventually gloves). You will go to meet your pilot and together you will go to the take-off place on top of the mountain .

Filling the ticket

It is mandatory to fill out and sign a flight ticket with our terms and conditions prior to the flight, so that you have the full insurance coverage.


In a short briefing before we start we explain everything that you need to know for a safe procedure. Tell us if you have any health problems or motion limitations, so that we can prepare for that.


After only a few running steps, we are lifted gently off the ground. Important is to run until we are in the air. Some people like to sit to early – in this case it’s double work for the pilot.


From the moment of taking-off you sit as a passenger in the harness, as comfortably as in your armchair and, of course, in the “front-row” seat. You will enjoy a stunning view, you can relax your mind and you have the time to take in the sensational impressions. And if you seek the extra thrill, we have the right thing for you: If you are willing to try it, we can do special turns and stunt flying maneuvers that exposes you to such centrifugal forces as in a high-class roller coaster.


For you as the passenger, landing is a piece of cake – you must only stretch your legs, and we will land smoothly in a sitting position.